... // utopmania / an atlas of anatomy / introduction


" i never picked up the mail, i didn't answer the door, i was alone I guess... i also kept the light down, like a ghost in my own house, like a shadow moving on the walls. i used to live remembering things, visualizing another ghost in my room, more proofs of my existence. i was a ghost looking at ghosts, trying to imagine slowly fading pictures, lost in a masquerade of appearances, movements, sounds and words..."






"i found this book avery long time ago and i instantly tried to compile it - i call it the book of utopmania..."

"when i found it the pages were in a different order - after a while i started to get confused, so i thought of a system to sort them somehow. i'm afraid i do not remember the book in the state it was given to me...





- now it is my ... system you are looking at, not the way it was meant. i wonder if anything was meant in a certain way at the beginning. whatever you do, consider that it may have been different."




"i live in a world where people watch the things instead of the shadows"



"i forgot my destination and i forgot my name, i don't remember where I come from and my senses are in trouble... i lost control of my body and the space around me. what my flesh requires, keeps my heart in prison.

i forgot my dreams, my past - i can not remember, i don't know where I'm running..."

"i saw that all the precious moments could not stay, all the glitter, all the shining, could not stay - covered in darkness, i walk the long road. a delirious shell, i found. there's a shadow upon myself, covering what lies beneath. w here do I go now, but nowhere?





...this is my body of evidence,
this is my cage."